Bradford Rhoades

Artist Statement:

I love to travel, take photos, and sketch, to use as inspirations, to later create beautiful paintings and oil pastels. I want to use my art to inspire, love, and share life’s journey with you.

Life is short so find your life’s purpose and do it!

My Mission:

With every artwork sold a small portion of the sales will be donated to various charity organizations and causes to help humanity and the overall health of our planet. It is my desire to create art that inspires people to love life, find their passion, and to become their best version of themselves.

I believe together we can make a difference.

My Story:

Ever since I can remember, art in all its forms had always been my “go to” thing to keep me feelings calm, alive, interested, engaged, happy, and quite frankly…feeling like my self. My constant passion was drawing and painting and interpreting the world onto canvas and paper. Art was the subject in school I loved and cherished most of the time. It just felt right.

After I achieved an AA Art degree and a BA Art degree, I fell in the trap of my fears. I was afraid of disappointing everyone and becoming the starving artist. And as a result, I ended up spending the next 25 years doing EVERTHING else BUT my one love that had been so important to me, Art.

As the years went by I had battled with depression. But then something happened one day… in which I can only describe as a miracle. The turning point occurred one day as I was sitting in my car. I was feeling angry at the world and soon feelings of depression were quickly overtaking me. I had a smoothie in my hand at the time and then it happened. An unseen force that I cannot fully describe took hold of my hand and began shaking it HARD.

I had no control over what was occurring and I felt as if I was watching this happen to someone else. There was smoothie drink everywhere in the car and I mean it was Everywhere! The only thing I could do at that moment was start to laugh. I felt ridiculous about my negative thoughts and what had just happened.

This overwhelming “force” was telling me to stop. Stop taking everything so serious.  Stop feeling sorry for myself. This force had a name to me “Thalia” and I can only describe her as my guardian angel. She is my “inner voice” or my “intuition.” She was telling me…You need to start listening.

It was at this moment, I understood what she was trying say to me. She was showing me that I had everything I needed to be happy and successful. I just needed to start to believe in myself and to start “being me.” I needed to stop feeling like a victim and to start living life to the fullest. Start being the person I had wanted to be since I could remember, but unfortunately I had forgotten.

I realized it wasn’t about me simply being an artist. It’s who I am. It is how I think, how I feel, and how I express myself. God gave me a purpose in this life and I just needed to listen. I truly believe the Universal Creator has instilled in each of us…a life’s purpose. And you might have several purposes but I believe there is one “anchor” purpose we really need to tune into and listen. It is up to each of us to find what that purpose is and then be strong and brave enough to do it.

I want to use my art and my story to inspire people to find their “true self” and to become the very best possible version of ourselves.

Find whatever that “thing” is and then find a way to make it your life.

Do something that you inspires you to be your best!

Bradford RhoadesThe Art Of Rhoades