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I love to travel, take photos, and sketch, to use as inspiration, for beautiful paintings and oil pastels. I desire to use my art to inspire, love, and share life’s journey with you.

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I love to share my experiences, through the use of art, as the images and colors tell the story of my adventures. I am planning a trip sometime in December to a “secret” location.  At this mysterious place I hope to capture photos and sketches of some rather majestic looking animals. Please be sure to check back into my News Stories to find out where this location is and to see these amazing animals. To be continued…

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The Whisper

In my paintings, I like to focus on the spiritual energy and being connected with the Universal Intelligence. It’s

Miltenberg, Germany – 2018

Miltenberg, Germany is a small historic town along the Rhine River. There was a hill on one side of the town that I walked to the top of and and I had a spectacular view of the whole town. This was the view I chose to paint "Miltenberg, Germany." As I closed my eyes, I felt a tingle on my neck and a strange presence about this place. I knew... I must paint it.