In my paintings, I like to focus on the spiritual energy and being connected with the Universal Intelligence. It’s through this spiritual energy and connection, that we can discover who we truly are and then become the best possible version of ourselves.
I am constantly fascinated by trying to find spiritual connections and spiritual energy through nature and landscapes. I often will use this theme of spiritual connection in my work.

Everything is energy, and everything is connected in the universe. Even our thoughts are made up of energy. Everything is vibrating and is in constant motion. We are part of the greater whole. It is this energy with the Universal Spirit and connection that I am striving to tell a story through the use of my art and my imagination.

I believe we each have that inner voice inside us. Call it intuition, gut feeling, or perhaps it is our connection to something great than ourselves. I like to believe it’s our connection to the Universal Intelligence.

“The Whisper” is a perfect example of putting “subtle hints” into the painting to tell a story about some kind of connection in life and with the Universal Intelligence. If you look at the shadow for example, you might see the hint of the cross. Some might notice it right away but others, might not. If you take a closer look at the clouds you will see these are no ordinary clouds. It is the Universal Spirt presenting itself.

The purple tree will not be found by many who are out walking along the hot, dry, and harsh conditions of the desert. But this is a very special tree. This tree bears life itself for those who are ready to receive its abundance. If you stopped, quieted your mind, closed your eyes, and took your heart to a special place. Do you see it, the tree of life? Giving abundance, love, and happiness to all those who will listen?

So with “the shadow”, “the clouds”, and “the tree giving life,” altogether we have…
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

A question to perhaps ponder on…What if…God was present…right before your eyes, however, you were so busy “with life” or your “daily grind” that you didn’t even notice?

“The Whisper” is about quieting your mind, slowing down, thinking, and feeling “the presence” that is right there, staring you in the face. It is right in front of you…but…only…if you listen.

The answers that you seek exist inside of you. We just need to quiet our “being” and listen and we shall find.

Here is a poem I wrote for this painting. I hope you will enjoy.

“The Whisper”
And you shall hear
My heart, my love, my breath
Quiet the mind, and simply know
I am.