Golden Blossoms

If you ever get a chance to go visit the Wild Poppy Reserve in the Antelope Valley, California, you should take the opportunity to see these incredible flowers.

The golden poppy and other wildflowers bring life to the valley as they glisten in the sunlight and shine their amazing colors for the world to see in their spectacular spring time show.

Here is a poem I wrote to accompany an oil painting I did called “Golden Blossoms.”

Title: Golden Blossoms
Medium: Oil Painting

Cascading rain
Softly nurturing love
Beaming rays shining down; makes me

It’s about appreciating the things in life that make you shine and be the person you were meant to be. I hope this poem and painting will inspire you to chase down your dreams in life and blossom just like the wildflowers do every spring.

View here

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