This is a “peek” of what was going on inside my thoughts as I created…“Golden Reflections.”

As some of you might know, in many of my artworks, I love to use “subtle hints” of images to tell a story or to suggest ever so slightly about something to think about in life and hopefully cause us to reflect on life itself. I love using tiny clues in my works to penetrate the mind and dig within our subconscious thoughts to reflect upon life, and ask ourselves questions like…Why am I here?

In “Golden Reflections” for example, you will see two people sitting on a rock, as they watch the sunset. Take a look at the rock (the earth) that they sit upon…Do you see a gentle face with his eyes closed? And just to the left…the shore…you might see the shape of the number 3? Do you see mother’s love shining her love (her rays of light) upon the son and the father…and you? I admit…I might think too much when I paint…but I can’t help myself…when I start to create something…my mind can’t stop.

What if you had an opportunity to reflect upon your life with…The Father, the Mother, the Son, and You, a beautiful Soul? To me, if we were to combine “All of Us”…
It is what makes us a Family…This is “The Holy Spirit.” It is “All of Us and Everything”, which is the very essence of life itself.

So, let us continue to imagine…You find yourself in a dream. You are walking along the beach…with God. There is the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. The rays seem to flow through your entire body. It is as if Mother is giving you this warm feeling of what you can only describe as only “pure love energy.” The Earth you walk upon gives you this sense of strength, as if the Father is giving you his love, his blessings, and everything you could ever possibly need in life. And then next to you, is the Son, he offers you compassion, love, and guidance in your life. You only need to listen to his advice to experience the true joys of what life has to offer.

As you are both walking along the beach, “I AM” stops…He asks, “Have you discovered your higher purpose in life? Do you know your “North Star? Are you following your guide in your life?”

You sit down on a rock next to “I AM” to reflect upon what he just asked. As you think about these “Golden Reflections”…you watch the sunset and you can feel its warm love penetrate your very being…you start reflecting upon your life. You can feel the sun rays continuing to fill your soul with love and clarity about why you are here. As you sit, the rocks make you feel rejuvenated and whole again. The son gives you his love, and reminds you to follow your North Star. You realize that your family is within you and that you are forever always loved. You just need to believe within yourself and realize what your higher sense of purpose in life is. You slowly take a deep breath…

You awake and realize that today is a new day! You have a new opportunity to discover, to live, and to find your true path in life. You can do this!

Just remember to follow your “North Star!”  And if you don’t know what your North Star is…discover it! It is waiting just for you.

A little more reflection…

As I gaze at Golden Reflections… I picture God as a vast ocean. “I Am” is the Universal intelligence pouring this water (your life energy) into a small cup. With this small cup, God created each of us, a beautiful energy of life. With this in mind, we are from the “same source” of Love Energy.

What if we could see each other from the inside, as a beautiful ray of light energy, created from the same ocean of love.

If we can dare to see this…Then we can realize that we all came from the same source, we really are all one race…The Human Race. We are One Family. We are All a collection of dots, creating One amazing and beautiful picture. We just need to see the entire picture.

May your life be filled with blessings and joy. Find your true passion and do something that inspires you be something greater than what you thought was ever possible.
You can do it!

~ Bradford Rhoades