Artist: Bradford Rhoades
Title: Infinite Light
Medium: Oil Painting
The framed dimensions are: 33 x 27 x 1.5 in.

Infinite Light – A Peak Beneath the Paint

When travelling to a new place, I love to sit, listen, and feel the “energy” I am experiencing.
In painting “Infinite Light” I was inspired by this lovely town of Miltenberg, Germany, along the Rhine River. The cruise ship in this painting was the actual ship I was on during this trip. I hiked up above the town to capture the feeling and inspiration that later helped me to create “Infinite Light.”

The sun was rising and the church bell towers flowed out this warm welcoming energy to all who might take notice. The clouds above are the Universal Spirit shining down rays of love to the people of the town. I felt intuitively to paint the “Infinite Light” shining its grace upon the crosses on the bell towers. I absolutely loved painting the bell towers, with its rich green patina,   giving a feeling of grace and love. The church roof as well had these beautiful green and brown patinas that were just such a joy to paint. I love painting colors that seem to take on a life of their own.

If you take a closer look at the green shrub in the foreground, do you notice the cat watching over the town? And then if you take an even closer look at the houses just to the right of the cat…Do you see it? This one is a little harder to see and most people will not see this image, unless I tell them. If you take the two trees and imagine them as eyes. See the face?
He is kind of giving the cat a frown. A bit of humor…if you choose to see it this way.
I guess I like to paint these subtle hints of life into my paintings because it makes me think; “What if the Universal Spirit was staring me right in the face?”… What if I didn’t even notice because I was so wrapped up in myself and living a hectic life? And so I like to slow things down if I can. I try to stop and just embrace the energy of life that is around me. This actually takes some practice and I am still learning as I continue on this march through this journey of life.

A final ending thought… Imagine God as a vast ocean and “I Am” is pouring this water (your life energy) into a small cup. And with this small cup, God created each of us, a beautiful energy of life. With this in mind, we are from the same source of “Infinite Light.”

What if we could see each other from the inside, as a beautiful ray of light energy, created from the same ocean of love? Then perhaps we could realize that we all came from the same source and that we are all one race…The Human Race.

~ Bradford Rhoades

I leave you with a poem to inspire.
“Infinite Light”

I am
Infinite light
Love energy flows through
My soul, my being, my spirit