Miltenberg, Germany – 2018.

My Storytelling of Creating Art

“Miltenberg, Germany – 2018.”  My Journey Along the Rhine River.

During my journeys and experiences, through the use of art, a story can develop and become something amazing and completely different than the real world. Imagine yourself in a town like Miltenberg and what  the town would look like on “another day.”

When I painted “Miltenberg, Germany, Along the Rhine River” a new world slowly came to life. Originally, the sky was mostly blue and an only a few white clouds were in the distance. But as I sat there looking from the top of a hill, gazing on this majestic looking town, filled with rich history… I imagined what the day would look like on one of those “special mornings” when as the sun rose, the sun rays gleamed soft golden lights and then just at the precise moment; the sun light beamed down to the church’s steeples to let the town know… there was someone watching over them and they could feel its love as the light embraced the town with its warmth. Do you see a creature watching over them? Look closely…it is very subtle.

This is a small glimpse on how I start to create a story when I paint. By imagining “being” inside the painting, “becoming” part of the story as if I am inside this other world.

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Thank you,

Bradford Rhoades

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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”