“You Must Go Here First!”
October, 2018

Have you ever felt that “tingle” on the back of your neck followed by what seems to be a “strange feeling” or a “hunch?” Or maybe you called it your “intuition” or a “gut feeling?”

Whatever you called it, you felt it. It’s this “inside voice” that seems to be yelling in our ears, but for some reason, we cannot hear it. Or perhaps, we talk ourselves out of this idea. We cast doubt on ourselves and let our fear guide us in another direction.

In October of 2018, I felt this tingle and I felt the hairs rise on the back of my neck. At this very moment I could images flashing in my mind of this wondrous place and I saw these majestic animals. They were magnificent! They were powerful and awe inspiring.

They were…Bighorn Sheep!

Now, if I had this feeling and these “visions” say four years ago…I would have ignored it. I don’t think I would have even seen the visions and I definitely would not have heard this voice. At that time, I was out of touch of myself…and…my Angel. Yes, you read that correctly. I said my angel. I believe we each have an angel assigned to us but it’s hard to listen with all the noise going around in our busy lives. We focus on the wrong things in life and we get off our true paths in life.

My angel… I call her “Thalia.” And in October of 2018, I was listening. I knew Thalia was showing me these amazing animals for a reason. I knew it was important. She was trying to tell me I needed to take a trip to this special place. And that this trip was just the beginning of many to come.

But where Thalia, I asked. Where am I going to find these amazing animals? And just at that moment, I felt this tingle on the back of my neck again. I opened my phone up and I can’t really explain it but she led me right to this article about the bighorn sheep in Anza-Borrego. I knew I had to go. I had to see these incredible creatures and I knew there was something else I needed to discover in order to find out my “next assignment.”

(See sketch for reference.)

The Trip to Anza Borrego
January, 2020

It’s 4:00am. My alarm rings. It’s time! It’s a 2 ½ hour drive to the state park, if no traffic. I am excited. Now, apparently, the bighorn sheep do not like to come down the mountain too early in order to avoid predators. With this in mind, our first stop was to “The Badlands” of Borrego, which is close to the Salton Sea.v

I wanted to try and get some photos of the desert with the sunrise and perhaps some other wildlife in the desert.

“The Badlands”

Looking over the badlands is like looking at some strange planet in a science fiction movie. It’s a bit eerie and beautiful at the same time. The rocks have been carved out by the rain, flash floods and wind, creating these beautiful red swirls cascading downwards to the desert floor. It’s like looking at this amazing sand castle that some giant created thousands of years ago.

As the sun slowly rose, the shadows danced among the golden swirls of packed mud and its wrinkles shimmy as the sun beams between the rocks and canyon.
(See ink drawing for reference)

And just then as I am admiring this massive display of packed clay…I see some life. On this cactus tree I spot a beautiful red flower plant. (I am still trying to find the name of this plant.)

I quickly snapped a photo to capture this moment. (See ink drawing, for reference).

Next stop – “The Salton Sea”

Hmmm. At first glance as I approach the Salton Sea, I don’t see a whole lot. The town looks like it was once booming and thrived back in its day. Upon doing a little research it does seem that many movies were shot here but not the “A listed” movies. It definitely felt that this place has real potential of being amazing.  OK, I drive onto the shore lines or at least as close as I can drive to. And then I see something that catches my eye. This wonderful white tree with zero leaves, gleaming along the shore with the pale blue sea in the background. The scene instantly reminded me of the painting “Persistence of Time” by Salvador Dali. It had this eerie presence that it had been watching over the lake….waiting….for something. But what? (See ink drawing, for reference.)

As I admired the tree resting on the salty white beds of salt… as luck would have it a gorgeous bird landed on the branch. He had this cool looking hair dew which seemed to give him this sense of style. He was extraordinary. I snapped a photo. (See ink drawing for reference.)

Part 2…. The Oasis and the Bighorn Sheep