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I will take you along my travels, as we visit breathtaking landscapes, explore architecture, historical sites, and meet all kinds of interesting people.

I will be sharing photos, videos, sketches, and my experiences all along the way.

The work is not only a way for me to share this adventure with you, but also to recall the experiences, wonders and joys of life’s precious moments.

These trips often present the perfect opportunities to let my imagination run free, to see and experience the world from fresh new perspectives.

Remember, life is short so find your life’s purpose and do it!

The Whisper

In my paintings, I like to focus on the spiritual energy and being connected with the Universal Intelligence. It’s

February, 2020

“You Must Go Here First!” October, 2018 Have you ever felt that “tingle” on the back of your neck

Golden Blossoms

If you ever get a chance to go visit the Wild Poppy Reserve in the Antelope Valley, California, you should take the opportunity to see these incredible flowers.

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